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The 411 On Lash Enhancement Safety

Alexandra used to work in the Royal Australian Military before her two year old inspired her to pursue her passion for beauty and launch her eyelash business Battle Lashes by Alex, to work from home. Creating the perfect eyelashes for ladies had always been a dream of hers and she knew a lash enhancement mobile business was missing from Canberra's beauty space.

She's also trained with some of the best in the biz and is now one of the official board members of the Australia and New Zealand Eyelash Industry (ANZEI) who will be regulating the industry and forcing safe procedures and legislation on lash enhancing standards. Have you ever wondered how qualified your eyelash artist is? Alexandra told us it's quite an unregulated field and wanted to fill us on a few things we should think about before we book our appointments. So over to Alex!

I’m sure you’d agree with me, but I’m here to vent about a serious issue I’m currently seeing within the lash enhancement industry. It’s crucial and honestly it’s ruining it.

You see, I’m sure we have all heard the saying “good lashes aren’t cheap, and cheap lashes aren’t good,” and you’re right, and I agree! Eyelash enhancements are a luxury item, they cost money and should NOT cause damage to your native eyelashes. 

We want quality and you deserve quality! So what’s the issue?

Well as of late there have been a lot of lash services being offered that are claiming they do high quality lash enhancements. They’re charging quality prices, but are using the cheapest products available, operating uneducated and without insurance. 

This is confusing the lash market. Client’s should be paying for quality. Which is why I thought I’d pop together a few simple steps to follow and questions to ask about eyelash enhancements before you book your next appointment.

Word of mouth?
Have you seen a friend, family member or stranger with beautiful looking lashes? Then you should ask them if they are enhancements. If all you see is incredible looking eyelashes that's who you want to be booking in to see! On the other hand, if you find yourself thinking "look at those fake lashes," then you should avoid, avoid, avoid!  

Social media presence?
Before you make an appointment check out a lash artists' previous work. Any social media site using generic photos and lots of memes probably isn't the best. You need to be able to view raw work and lots of it! Different styles, different eye shapes, different people. If you like them all, then you know they are educated and know their s**t.  

Does the lash artist represent a brand? 
Most salons that pay big bucks for the best products will happily let you know every day what products they use and why! Why? Because they want the best quality for themselves and you! Like me: I use Sugar Lash Pro. The best in the business! Courtney Buhler (CEO) is all about the best re. quality, technology and industry standards.  

And finally the most important question of all…

You should find out if the lash artist you want to see is highly trained/educated:
Any lash artist that has undertaken training will happily boast about what they took part in/with who and have certificates to prove it! Although Volume Lashing is relatively new to Australia it has not stopped passionate industry leaders to fight for the best quality training and education. After all, a clients’ eye safety is at stake here! This has become such an issue within our industry recently that ANZEI a non-profit organisation has been founded by a large group of lash artists to push for regulated industry standards.

If you’re letting somebody near your eyes it’s so important to know that they know what they’re doing and that they have been trained. So before you book an appointment be sure who you’re seeing is educated and understands the composition of the native lash, uses medically graded products, and cares about your needs. All highly trained and educated lash artists will properly explain the process, what they're doing, application. AND why they will NOT cause you damage. 

Images: Battle Lashes, VOGUE, Pinterest; Words: Alex, Battle Lashes, Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, have you ever had your lashes enhanced? What did you think?

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