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The Best Bits From London Fashion Week SS17

The number one issue all over London at the moment is Brexit (Britain’s impending exit over the European Union) although fashion lovers, goers and everyone in between didn’t let that bring them down. You see fashion always has a creative way to turn things around, make people feel different – even if just for a minute and London Fashion Week SS17 this year had optimism/Brexit whaaaaat? written all over it.

So what was this season all about in London? Well we think, it might’ve had something to do with bright gingham checks, distressed denim and fun novelty prints. Although realistically, in a city where everyone pulls out all the stops to carry out their own eclectic looks (in whatever ways they want) sometimes London, can make it hard to decipher specific trends.

However a trend that is continuing to grow in the fashion world more than anything is the ability to shop straight from the runway. Major player Burberry got on board this shopping trend this season, and for our ‘see now, buy now’ mentality we continue to love this move. As for the rest of our fave. bits, let’s chat about it below.

The Shows 

Christopher Kane
Celebrating his first 10 years in business, the Scottish designer says his new show was about “where I’ve gone, what I did, and what I’ll do better," and his outfits were a jumbled mess of everything and anything OTT to prove it - although it all somehow worked. Which was lucky because realistically when you try to wear a little bit of everything you own in your wardrobe something's bound to go wrong. Clashing embroideries, dresses sewn on tulle, furs and latex coats roamed the runway - and even though the ensembles were paired with crocs we think for the first time ever... we might let it slide. 

"A song to summer," was how Roksanda Illincic summed up her collection this season and it was all things lush and elegant. Plus it made us want to colour block all our clothes into just peachy, pinky hues to wear all summer long. Think voluminous silhouettes, billowing sleeves, wide tuxedo pants - it was a fashion and comfy love affair come true. We're obsessed. 

Christopher Bailey launched his direct to consumer women's and men's fall collection in London although this season he swapped his stadium sized catwalk scenario for more humble offerings and showed his collections via a small home in Soho instead. It was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando: A Biography, (the tale of a poet who switches genders and lives through several centuries), and was a book left on the seats for those who attended. Think aristrocratic style English type pyjamas, velvet, brocades and Elizabethen style ruffles. Like the past and present combined. 

The Beauty

London Fashion Week hands down is one of our faves. to stalk when it comes to runway beauty. Probably one of the craziest, with a major tendency to push the boundaries as well, but still one of our faves. Anyway, this season Topshop Unique bought Crimping back - yep, you know that crimper we used to use back in the 90's? You can now officially use it again if you want. Of course it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be back in the 90's (we think a curling wand was used instead to get the same effect) but you know what? It kind of looks texturised, modern and doable. We love. Plaits also seemed to be a reoccurring theme. As did nudey peachy lips and coppery lids. Fun, effortless and can totally be worked into real life. 

The Street Style

OH London town, you always know how to bring the street style...



Images: VOGUE, The Cut; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what were your favourite bits from London Fashion Week?

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