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The Best Cures For A Hangover

Spring has arrived which soon will mean longer days and too many sangrias in the sun. It may also mean having to recover from said sangrias and trotting off to work the next day (which might not be as fun). Anyway we know that these days the morning after a big night we always need to put in a little extra work. In our lives. On our face. And probably around our home too – although realistically who can be bothered.  

 The other thing about big nights is that these days on the scale of things, they’re usually not that big (like circa when we were 21) it’s just that our bodies are old and three wines can sometimes feel like 10. Whatever your scenario, if you’ve had a little ‘too much fun’ the night before we’ve rounded up a tiny list of our favourite things to help you detox, de-puff and help you recover.

Water, water, water
If you can remember, drinking a gigantic glass of water as you stumble into your house looking for your bed could be key to making you feel a tiny bit better the next day. George Koob Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says “alcohol is a diuretic. This means it makes you pee a lot, which causes you to lose a lot of liquid. "Hangover symptoms are partly due to dehydration, so replacing that fluid loss can help. It’s also smart to keep a bottle of water by your bedside so you can hydrate as soon as you wake up in the morning.”

Ps. if you have the energy, adding a slice of lemon to your water in the AM will kick start your digestive system and help eliminate water retention.  It may also make you feel a little fresher…maybe.

The ocean
If you live near a beach, then jump in the ocean. For the rest of us that don’t…well, um…. Soz. (But it’s always the best cure for a hangover!)

Not for every type of hangover, only the mild ones but actually getting out and about, going for a jog/gym/sauna can make you feel better. Kay Ireland, fitness expert and trainer says “Alcohol acts as a depressant on your body which means it slows the process of brain activity. This also slows the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that can help regulate your mood. Because of this effect, you may wake up the next morning feeling tired, lackluster and depressed. Moving your body and getting some exercise, even when you don't necessarily feel like exercising, can help stimulate the release of endorphins again, resulting in a better mood and a better state of mind as you recover from your hangover.”

Doesn’t eating a gigantic meal the morning after a big night sometimes feel like a saviour? Although when you’re feeling like crap, the worst thing you can do is eat like crap too. It’s just the (sad) truth. SO if you’re in the mood for something greasy, reach for eggs instead. Filled with protein they provide the liver with amino acids and there’s a special one called cysteiene which is required to help with the elimination of toxins.  How you eat the eggs is up to you (although in an egg mcmuffin = nooooooo!) Also; you may not be up for eating a whole bunch of bitter tasting greens but they’ll be numero uno at helping reverse the damage done to your liver as well.

It’s true, our hobbies include thinking about sleep, going to sleep and getting enough sleep. Feeling like shiz after a big night out? Sleep your troubles away. If nothing else is working going back to bed and letting your body rest will steer you on the right path.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are your best cures for a hangover?

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