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The Best Indoor Plants To Buy

We get it, summer is taking it's sweet a$$ time to arrive which means that we need some indoor plant situation happening stat. If anything, only so we don't have to go outside. Plus, how many people live in a house with a garden these days? Ahem... or should we say how many people live in a house with a garden that they tend to? LOL.

Were not gardeners. In fact, you could probably classify us as being the direct opposite to gardeners – the ones who kill plants. Is there a name for these people? Anyway, we want a little indoor plant action in our lives. Like the ones we see all over our Insta and Pinterest feeds. Adding a little greenery to your home will not only liven up the space, make you feel all 'Martha Stewart Feng Shui Goddess' but it can actually be really good for you mentally too.

In fact, indoor plants can make you feel better! And some research suggests they can even turn that frown upside down.

According to Jonathan Kaplan PhD and writer for Psychology Today the benefits of adding a little indoor plant action to our lives are copious. And based on several experimental studies the presence of potted plants has actually been found to be beneficial in a heap of different settings including, home, work, school etc...

Although the health benefits of adding indoor plants to our space are what really get our mojo going. In particular indoor plants have been shown to: lower blood pressure, improve reaction times, increase attentiveness (hellooo we def. need you!), raise productivity at work, improve well-being, raise job satisfaction and even lower levels of anxiety.

Pheeeew. The list is big. Anyway, indoor plants. We love them. Buy them for the benefits. Our faves. are below.

This plant also known as 'Devils Ivy' is super cute and not going to take you much effort at all. Great for the lazy! You don't even need soil. Just pop it in a vase and voila! They live anywhere except direct sunlight and you can save yourself a whole heap of work if you plant it in water. A vase will show off their roots tho? So up to you!

Fiddle Leaf Figs
These plants are hot. There are fake ones everywhere but we think they're hot because they are very good at mixing into their surroundings. They'll just go with anything! Like a good pair of jeans. Show off their sexy leaves by popping them into a bright white pot and pop them into direct sunlight to thrive. You only need to water them when you notice the soil is dry...or you could just buy a fakey (not sure it'll come with all the health benefits though?)

These plants could be classified as the flat lay of plants (what is our world coming to?) They're quirky and fun so make sure you pop them in a pot that matches their vibe. Also ones for direct sunlight. They only need water when you notice their soil is dry. Soooo keep an eye on them!

Ps. Check out Ivy Muse for all your plant holder and potted needs! We are obsessed with their style. They deliver too. 

Images: Rebecca Judd Loves, Ivy Muse, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us what are your fave. indoor plants to buy?

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