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The Comfy Clothes You Need When You Travel

Why is it that when we pack for on overseas adventure we bring half our wardrobe (and always leave very little room to buy things too)? Although realistically, when we’re living day to day, we rotate very similar clothes in our wardrobes? Hmmmm…we get it though, packing when you travel can be tough. What if the weather changes? What if you lose your luggage? What if you meet the Queen and get invited for afternoon tea? It pays to be prepared.

We’re also of the mantra that you don’t need to lose your style when you travel. Sure trackies are comfy but noooooo. There’s just something about a lady who puts in a little extra effort. Plus off duty style is a big trend and just as comfy as trackies (but way better looking.)

Anyway, the clothes you wear while walking a million miles to your terminal and sitting on the plane will also be the ones that will help you get through security. And have you ever wondered whether the clothes you wear are stopping you from getting through security quickly? Because they might be! Seriously are all those layers really worth the effort?

So let’s strip it back to the basics. Below are our fave. comfy items of clothing to pack when you travel.

Comfy shoes
First and of the most importance comfy shoes are a must. Sure you can pack a shiz hot pair of heels but you don’t need to pack too many. Most holidays are either spent walking all day long or drinking by the pool... and not really doing much else. Plus, there’s the whole plane cankle situation that could take place so you don’t want to be wearing anything that requires too much effort to slip on/off. Comfort really is key when it comes to holiday shoes!


Loose fitting clothing (dresses, tees are a must)
Anything too tight/too short when we travel is always a no-go. You want to be comfy and realistically we all tend to eat a lot more food when we’re kicking back, which is why comfy, loose fitting clothing is key. If you’re travelling somewhere warm, day dresses will also make getting dressed for the day much easier and will be super easy to dress up for night. The less decisions you make on a holiday the better. Also make sure you look for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or silk. These materials will allow air to circulate through them. Fabrics that don’t, like cheap polyester will get sticky, hold sweat on the skin and make you feel dirtier quicker.

A shiz hot pair of jeans (that actually fit)
Jeans are a must when you travel (and however many you pack is up to you). The key with this one though, is to make sure they fit, so they need to have a little stretch. Anyway, jeans are an amazing piece of clothing when you travel because you can wear them a few times and they won’t look that dirty. (Also; people won't notice that you've worn them three days in a row). They don’t tend to require much washing.

Ok so maybe this option might not be for everyone, but having a good pair of leggings you can fly in, laze around your hotel in, or even sneak a quick trip to the gym in (because sometimes you just need to sweat it out!) are a travel essential. Plus, they’re on trend and all over ‘off duty model airport style’ everywhere. 

An evening outfit
So we live by the travel mantra that comfort is key although that doesn’t mean that you need to neglect your style when you travel. The last thing you’d want to do is show up for an evening date in your comfy basics and jeans (or maybe you would?) Whatever. Although there’s no need to throw fashion out the window! Perhaps you could swap normally wearing heels, for flats with your ensemble to keep things a little more laid back? But don't forget to pack for your evening! Plus doesn't getting a little dressed up sometimes make you feel good too? Yaaaas. 

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, how hard do you find it to pack when you travel?

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