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The DO's And Don'ts Of Wearing Leggings

Leggings! The pants that are what 'comfort dreams' are made of. Why put on jeans right? When you can leave the house feeling comfy AF. Plus, Gigi and Kendall live in leggings when their off duty sooooo even though we don’t have beautiful giraffe-esque legs like them, it seems to be ok.

However, despite Gigi and Kendall giving us the (silent) ok to don leggings in public, realistically wearing leggings as pants also seem to confuse people. They're not pants, they’re not tights (unless you are out and about wearing sheer opaque ones – then we need to talk) so really, are they an acceptable piece of clothing to wear?

Well, feel free to debate us on this, but we say yes. But they have to be the right leggings, the right styles (there are so many to choose from now) and of course you have to wear them on the right occasions.

Please don’t wear your leggings to a wedding.


Anyway, we also think it pays to invest in a chic pair of leggings that are (soz) expensive, but totally 2017. You know what we mean? Investing a little extra will ensure your leggings don’t look like you really just came from the gym or fall apart after one wash. 


Do cover your butt
Simple: if you’re going to wear a t.shirt with a pair of leggings make it a long one that covers your butt.

Do try different styles
With so many legging styles on the market now play with all of your options! Try prints and leather for evenings.

Do play with layers (or go mega oversized)
Playing with different proportions can help you in all the right areas. Try going oversized on top to make your legs look teeny, tiny. Layering while it’s cold is also a fab way to do this!

Do style them with on trend pieces
So we’re saying wearing leggings is ok in public but don’t just throw a gross hoody on and run out the door. The way to make them work is by keeping them on trend. Try throwing on a bomber jacket instead.

Do wear with sneakers
Sneakers are our shoe of choice with leggings they’re laid back chic. SHOP: Superga sneakers - $89.95


Don’t wear any type of crop – ever and buy leggings in your size!
Unless your Gigi or Kendall. (Ps. Camel toe is not that great a look.)

Don’t go too clingy on top
An all-tight all over look is only flattering on 0.01% of the population. This should probably be avoided.

Don’t go OTT on the prints
Matchy, matchy is fun but too matchy, matchy is not fun. If you're going for a crazy out there print down bottom, keep it muted up top. SHOP: P.E Nation  

Don’t wear them to work or ANY type of formal event 
LOL. Seriously we love that leggings are a trend that can be worked into our weekends but we have our limits.

Don’t…men in leggings
Please NO.

Images: Who What Wear, Elle, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what's your stance on leggings in 2017? Do you wear them outside the gym? (C'mooon don't lie...)

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