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The Importance Of A Positive Morning Routine

Hey Muses, It's Yads here. I was listening to a podcast the other day re. something totally unrelated to fashion, however at one point the interviewer asked the person she was talking to about their morning routine. The interviewee then replied and said “my morning routine takes two hours,” - HA. From the moment, they wake up to right before they check their emails.

Two hours. WHAT.

Anyway, before this interview I’d never really thought I had a morning routine. In fact, I kinda always thought a morning routine was a little hippy (i.e get up, meditate, journal thoughts, drink something caffeine free that tastes like a$$ etc...). However now I realise I totally do (and thanks to my baby it probably takes just as long). It just doesn’t flow as organically as how I always thought a morning routine needed to flow.

Plus I have a baby so things never really flow organically. BUT I still do the same things over and over and they help set the tone for whatever’s to come.

(Except for those morning where my babe gets up super early for no real reason at all. Then I pretty much just drink coffee and go with my majesty’s flow. He’s the boss.)

It got me thinking though! Because I truly believe that waking up and having a positive morning will help set the mood for your day. A good day requires solid prep (a solid coffee) and a solid foundation to help you get into the groove. At least I think so. Seriously though, think about those mornings when you accidentally sleep in, don’t have time to grab a coffee or miss your bus by like five minutes because you changed your outfit a gazillion times? They suck, right.

Also; it’s a well-documented fact that many high achievers can base a portion of their success on starting their day right. Beethoven would wake up at 3am, have a cup of coffee and start working, Obama (#comeback) would work out, eat breakfast with his fam, then be in the Oval office by 9am and Gandhi would start his day at 4am, followed by prayers by 420, writing, rest, breakfast then he’d do a 5km walk. Pheeew.

Whatever though, you get it.

A morning routine might not seem like it has a lot to do with somebody’s success, but it does. Plus starting your day right can help put you in freakin’ good mood, with a coffee in hand, naturally. (Ps. I am always in awe of people who don’t need coffee in the morning. Like how do they do it? HOW?)

Anyway, early morning is my favourite time of day as well. And I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, but in saying that I never used to be a morning person until I met my husband.  

He was a morning person and in those early years, every time his alarm went off I wanted to stab him, but slowly he changed my ways and now I’m an annoying morning person too. Probably more so than him, so maybe he wants to stab me these days? Hmmm… but I totally believe you can change your body clock.

Sooooo let’s get onto my morning routine already! What the hell do I do?

Well, these days it depends on my baby. However usually it goes a little something like wake up at 5-530 work, drink some sort of caffeine filled beverage, feed baby, run (or yoga), then breakfast (always last now that I’m a mum.) Then by this time it’s usually 8 or 9 in the morning. Sometimes I meditate for like five minutes too if I am feeling the vibe.

Also; it doesn't always go in this order. It just happens when it happens.

However, my main morning routine things I truly need are: exercise, some sort of caffeine and work. I never really start my day without these three essentials – then my day really starts with my babe… and I eventually jump back onto emails when he naps and work again at the end of the day (after I’ve played 50 gazillion games, and sang along to The Wiggles a few times #mumlife.)

Anyway, do you guys have a morning routine? I guess the moral of this post is that most people who have a positive morning routine in place before they start their day, whether it be as a mum, working in an office, being a student, whatever etc... can be critical to your success – and feeling good.

Having a few ‘must haves’ in place can act as a ‘mini type of break’ before sh!t gets real and you actually have to do things. (Like singing along to the Wiggles is hard you guys, there are so many lyrics to learn!) Waking up a little earlier, might seem tough too, but I think it’s fun to be up and accomplishing stuff before anybody else is up. Plus for me it equals less stress to meet all my deadlines. (However, silence is also like my favourite thing ever now that I’m a mum. I live for it. In fact, I could wake up and just sit in silence playing on my phone and be so happy.)

Also; by the end of day you tend to forget that you’ve worked out. Which is why I workout in the morning. It all ends up like a distant blur and I find it easier to do it first thing than forcing myself to work out at night. It just doesn’t work for me. Which is why it’s part of my morning routine. But maybe working out at night does work for you? We’re all different. 

Anyway, just remember that having a few quiet moments to yourself before you start your day can truly help set everything up and get your mojo going. It’s been proven and some peeps even say it can be the best part of their day. Think about it, you don’t have to deal with anyone, you can do whatever the hell you want – bliss.

So what do you guys do in the morning? Do you believe in the importance of a positive morning routine?

Images: Margharet Zhang via Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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