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The Lab x Eleanor Pendleton

You might’ve seen that our beauty BFF’s over at The Lab kicked off their 2017 event series over the weekend with none other than beauty guru and mega business babe, Eleanor Pendleton; and naturally we ran over (like literally across the street HA) to hear everything she had to say.

You see, women in business rock our world. You all know that. Rebel Muse and Peachy Keen are our babies and long nights/early mornings are just part of our everyday. Which is why when another woman who has gone above and beyond to follow their passion and reach a bomb level of success gives up her time to chat about her journey, we sit down and listen to her oh’ so very generous wisdom.

Also; can we just give massive kudos to the girls at The Lab. This event series with amazing women in business that they’re bringing to Canberra this year is beyond. It's also SO needed and we’re so grateful for their hard work. Plus, the florals by Moxom and Whitney and the spread by Gather Graze was to die for!

"We created The Lab because we wanted to offer something completely different. Far from your typical salon The Lab is an open plan studio that takes a holistic approach to beauty. More about empowering women to be confident in their own skin, their own ideas and to push the boundaries in terms of creativity and business.

The event series is an extension of The Lab and our desire to build our tribe of incredible humans, to create something unique and to bring something cool to Canberra," Sianne, co-owner of The Lab says. 

So we hope you're all ready for the next event to hit Canberra peeps. Exciting!

Anyway, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, Eleanor Pendleton. She has come to Canberra before and for many of you that may already have met her or heard her speak you’ll be likely to agree that she is very down to earth, intelligent and has the most luminous skin of anyone that you’ll ever meet. Her passion for her work is also as amazing as her hair.

A certified tech geek at heart, she started her career in magazines and has held beauty editor positions at publications including InStyle and FAMOUS. She has written for the likes of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and Cosmopolitan Bride as well. Although what you will most likely know her for, is her brain child, beauty website and online publication Gritty Pretty. Both ‘designed to educate women minus the bullshit.’ Simple and to the point - we love.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out her website we encourage you to do so. It is beautiful beyond words. Plus, Eleanor says, “whether you have a 13 step skincare regime or barely know what a cleanser is you’re bound to learn something.”

And we could all learn a thing or two when it comes to beauty! Seriously, doesn’t the beauty world always feel a little harder to decipher than the fashion world? Like fashion is simple, however beauty? The ingredients, the different skin types, changing skin concerns – we need to research it so much more! What do you guys think?

Anyway, Eleanor created Gritty Pretty as her own personal outlet while she was working in magazines and you know what? When she landed her dream job at InSTYLE she put it on hold to take the job.

“I always say that Gritty Pritty has two lives,” Eleanor says.  

To cut a long story short, she landed her dream job, worked freakin’ hard at her dream job then decided to go freelance. And it was during that transition that she fired Gritty Pretty back up again for round two – but rather than do a half a$$ed job, she decided to go full speed ahead and has never looked back.

Not to say that it has been a blissful walk in the park – far from that. But “I had a gut feeling that it would work,” Eleanor told us.

Anyway, it seems so easy to write this post about a woman’s career to success, but somehow we all need to look beyond the words - because business is 24/7 work around the clock. “When you’re in charge of other people’s livelihoods, sometimes it can be hard to sleep!” Eleanor says.

Plus, who works 9-5 these days? HA.

So we would love to write more about this beauty although that might defeat the purpose of attending one of these incredi-ball business events at The Lab for yourself! There are more comin’! Wouldn’t you want a sneak peek + generous business advice from an amazing woman in business too?

HOWEVER, before we go can we just take a minute to chat about Eleanor’s style and beauty products she said she loved – because as women, we know this is vital information that needs to be shared.

Plus, even though she’s known for her ingenious beauty knowledge, we need to talk about HER STYLE. It is so Rebel Muse! HA. Clean, fashion forward, daring, minimalistic.

Ok, so let’s spill the deets.


Mecca’s SPF 50+ - $40.00 is her must have sunscreen, Bioderma Micellar Water - $42.99 – she uses it every morning, Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser - $65.00 is her go to for every day, SKII Facial Treatment Mask - $140.00 – ok she is an ambassador for the brand, but have you seen her skin! And Omnilux Treatments – her go to clinical treatment for a skin pep me up (with no downtime).


Frame denim. She lives in them. And Frame denim flares. Acler (a brand we stock at RM and the brand of the dress she was wearing on the day). Posse, Christopher Esber, Maurie and Eve for a quick purchase, Ellery for a splurge and Maticevski…when they loan her stuff (Lucky!)

Anyway, The Lab events. Watch out for them. And come say hi if you see us there! Thanks for reading Muses XO

Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi



I am so devo that I am no longer living in CBR to attend to these events :( Looks like everyone had a fabulous time xox

Mar 02, 2017

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