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The RM blog is going on a little holiday...

Hey Muses! It’s Yads here. Well actually, it’s always Yads here. I am the look-er after-er of this blog. However I am about to pop out my second tiny human so I thought I’d put together a quick post to say goodbye while we put the RM blog on a tiny break and I figure out the logistics of taking care of/keeping alive two children.

(SOOOO, if anybody would like to pass on any advice that’d be great HA.)

Anyway, my brain is at full capacity too, in saying that I mean I’m mentally clocked out and all I want to do now is give birth. Which is weird considering birth is so effing horrendous (although also very magical!) but I am currently living in like three different outfits on repeat and fighting my husband for wardrobe options so I am SO done.

Like, he needs to share his clothes with me right! I’m not buying anymore. In fact, one of the greatest things about post birth is the fact that you get to throw out/mentally burn all the weird pregnancy clothes you accumulate in the last few weeks. Because realistically, you don’t ever really wear them again.

However, what you do wear again are the clothes you may buy during the first and second trimesters, so choose wisely!

But let’s get back to the third trimester because it always seem to suck. Actually, I kind of wish I could bottle up how exhausted I feel trying to juggle work, a toddler, life etc…to spritz on myself as a reminder in the instance my husband and I think it’s a great idea to have another baby.

Because LOL I know I’ll forget.  (Also, I need to pee every two seconds, my baby is crushing my lungs and I can barely hold a conversation so I wish I could bottle up that feeling too.)

The JOYS of pregnancy. 

Actually, it’s not that bad…sorry guys. Fall pregnant, because having a baby is the greatest joy in the world (albeit a very tiring joy too.)

Anyway, obvs. I am looking forward to not being pregnant again. And eating my weight in things like sushi, and soft cheese which I’ve been avoiding for pretty much the past year (the #sadness!!)

I’m also excited to head into RM to buy all the clothes. ALL of them. In case you weren’t aware, Alicia kind of has us capped on a monthly budget so we don’t buy all the things (WHY!) BUT, I guess I KIND OF (not really) UNDERSTAND but I’m very excited to shop. 

Which is why I thought I’d finish this goodbye blog by uploading a bunch of items I WISH I could wear and buy right now but sadly can’t. I kind of feel like it’s my way doing one of those ‘add to cart/feel joy for a second/get fake shoppers high’ kind of things RN which seems fun and saves you a heap of money too. LOL. 

So yay for pregnancies, babies and giving birth! The RM blog still has one more week left of life, before it goes on it's little holiday. Just thought we'd let you all know; and as always, thanks for reading! XO

Steele Marigold Maxi Dress - $320.00 

Ha I could never wear this, even in my none pregnant life. I'm way too short. But I'm so in love with it!

Cult Skinny Ankle - $219.00

OMG Jeans! JEANS! How I miss thee. 

Alice McCall, Into You Cami - $190.00

OH to be able to fit my boobs into a cami like this again!

Alice McCall, Light Years Pants - $290.00

CULOTTES. Dying to wear something with a waist/I can zip up. HA.

Lonely Lingerie, Peony Soft Cup Bra - $75.00

Post breastfeeding. Obvs. Although how exciting is it that RM now has lingerie options too! Add. To. Cart

Hansen and Gretel Gabi Silk Black Dress - $229.00 

First purchase post baby, for sure!

Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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