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Time Management Hacks You Need In Your Life

Time is of the essence…we don’t have enough of it…doesn’t anybody understand we’re SO time poor…we wish there more hours in the day… blah, blah – right? Although maybe we’re just using time wrong?

Ok, so some days we might really be time poor but you have to be honest with yourself, because we all know there are days where we probably spend more time playing on Snapchat than doing anything productive. (But that’s ok. Not every single day can be on fiyah.)

Anyway, despite whether you do spend your time procrastinating your precious time away, or you really are smacked down by the chains called life, we know one thing for sure, sometimes it can be hella hard to fit everything in.

Between, work, having a social life, a relationship, kids and even looking after our own mental and physical wellbeing, in today’s modern world there’s a lot we have to cram in. Which is why we thought it’d be handy to share some time management hacks that work for us on the daily – and will hopefully work with you too.

But before we go on, Alicia Xyraxis Rebel Muse Manager and Owner and Jordan Momtazi, our Global Head of E-Comms share their best time management tips below. 

"My to do list is my saviour! I try to write me list in order of importance or highlight the most urgent things to make sure they don’t get missed. I also try not to get distracted by emails and new tasks that pop up. If its not on the to do list, and it doesn’t need to be dealt with urgently then it gets added to the bottom of the list and I can get back to it when I have time. If it's not on the list it's not getting done today!" Alicia says. 

"I find it hard to focus on only one thing, but this is so much more effective than doing multiple things at once. If I'm being really focused and have lots of discipline that day, then I'll even get rid of distractions like my mobile, which is a productivity killer! Texts, phone calls, Whatsapp, FB, Insta, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pokemon Go (hahahaha) are all things that can kill your focus and increase the time it takes to get things done," Jordan says. 

Work when your brain works
Sometimes the best way to work is when you’re in the ‘zone’. You know those days where our brain is just working, everything clicks and stuff gets done? Yep, those are the days you should probably push yourself to get more stuff done/fit everything in, because tomorrow? It might be a different story! When you’re feeling life your work will flow. And when you’re not really feeling life? Well, the work might still flow… although more because it has to and not because it’s your best. Which is why some days it’s important to feel your way to productivity!

Shorten your working time
Hear us out, we know most of the time people bang on about needing MORE hours to get stuff done although sometimes it’s the people with the least amount of time that are actually better at fitting everything in. Think about how you work when you're given a deadline? If there’s too much time between start to finish how much more likely are you to procrastinate? Now flip it and think about a time where you actually have to smash out something within a shortened timeframe? You have to get it done then don’t you! Time block or learn to schedule and watch your productivity soar!

Stop waiting for perfection
Sometimes it can be hard to get started on a project because we’re not sure where to begin! Although doing ‘something’ is way better than sitting there doing ‘nothing’. So whether you work in a creative field or not it pays to remember that the first thing of everything is always crap. Unless it’s absolutely perfect and you love it from the get-go, then go you! But for the rest of us, we have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day…and it’s better to work with the crap you have and watch it blossom into the beautiful perfect thing you always envisioned then to never start at all.

This works both in business and around the home. Seriously ladies, how often do you let your partner do something – and then rush after him to fix everything/do it your way instead? It’s a weird lady trait huh? It’s a also a double up (and waste) of precious time. When we’re time poor we have to trust and learn to delegate. Know somebody at work who has a better strength than you in one area? Ask them for assistance! If it’s going to take them 10 minutes to do something and you one hour - what should you do? And if your partner really does suck at stuff you leave to him/her, then find new things to delegate each other. Share the workload around both of your strengths. And if he/she truly does suck at cleaning... and you don’t then soz, you might just have to suck it up and do it yourself – or hire a cleaner. Ha!

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are some of your best time management hacks?

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