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Trend Alert: Bomber Jackets

So walking down the street these days, you might be forgiven to think you’re stuck in a 90’s time-warp. Mum jeans are back. Chokers are back and even flatforms are making a resurgence. 

(Seriously, if the Spice Girls start touring again, we’ll start to think that something is up.)

Anyway, for all of us who lived through the 90’s the first time around, it isn’t that bad an era to have lived through when it comes to fashion. Sure it was a little grung-ey although we didn’t pair perms with purple eyeshadow so compared to other eras (cough *the 80’s) it was pretty forgiving. 

Anyway, whether you’ve lived through the 90’s once, or are embarking on a 90’s revival they are back baby. And today we wanted to chat about a 90’s trend we're obsessed with, BOMBER JACKETS – because they’re here to stay.

Plus, with the weather cooling down soon we’ll need to start wearing more clothing and a bomber jacket is the most versatile piece for the season ahead.

But first: a little history.

You see, the bomber jacket wasn’t always so cool and hip. In fact, it was originally a piece designed for military pilots during World War One. During the war, airplanes didn’t have an enclosed cockpit so pilots resorted to bomber jackets to keep them warm.

Then as time went on, during the 70’s the punk scene adorned the beloved bomber and made it their own. While in the 90’s the bomber played a big part in the west coast rap scene.

And now, adored by celebs, bloggers and the public alike it is the mainstream must have once again.

The bomber jacket is having a moment.

It is laid back cool, effortless and so easy to throw on over skinny jeans and a tee. In fact, it is the one item for the season ahead that will suit everybody. Plus, there are so many different versions on the scene. 

Evoke military vibes and buy one in khaki, a black or neutral to work with everything (a smart investment) or if you’re feeling a little fun, prints and embellished bombers are also set to be big.

Plus they can be worn with everything/anything and can even be worked into your 9-5 wardrobe if you choose business pieces to pair it with wisely. Layer it on layers for winter or pop it on top of your ensemble for autumn or spring. We promise it will be a super easy transeasonal piece to don as the weather cools down.

SO bombers. Buy one. Love one. And bring it back season after season. Hot tip: ask you your beau to buy one too and TA DA you can borrow it and have yourself your very own oversized version. We're sure he won't mind. 


Third Form Under Cover Bomber Jacket - $299.00


Third Form Under Cover Bomber Army - $299.00




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