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Velvet is a trend that has slowly been creeping our way for the past few seasons; from runways, to street stylers it’s been making a mark. However, with the weather cooling down, now is the perfect season to snap it up and start making it your own. But how?

Wearing velvet somehow seems tricky…

Like there’s a fine line between wearing a cute pair of velvet pumps compared to covering yourself in an oversized velvet jacket that could potentially make you look like you’re an extra in an 80’s rock video. Which is why the key with owning the velvet trend is that less is more. (Unless you’re totally keen on that opulent, 80’s trash rocker vibe then you do you. HA.)

Anyway, whether it be through boots, bags or entire jackets made from the luxe fabric it is actually quite easy to work into your wardrobe and will up the fun factor by a zillion percent! Why? Because velvet is a tad Gucci, a little royal, super opulent and even possesses the ability to pull off an ‘off duty model dating a rocker’ type of feel too.

So why not give it a whirl?

Below we’ve rounded up our fave. in store pieces and a bunch of street style snaps to inspire you to try this trend asap!

Try: Tattoo Lady Dress - $420.00 (avail for pre-order)

Try: Opium Dress - $625.00

Try: Camilla and Marc Zoey Boot - $599.00

Try: Dazed and Confused Cami - $85.00

Try: Senso Tyra Ebony Velvet - $199.00

Try: Senso Tyra Wine Velvet - $199.00

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, how do you wear velvet? Would you?


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