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What Not To Wear To Work

What you wear to work matters, and whether you work in a professional office environment or somewhere a little more creative if you’re wearing something totally office inapropes then people are going to notice.

Especially if you’re new to a job, you want to make a good impression and what you wear can have a huge impact. Which is why it’s important that you take a good hard look at your wardrobe and decipher whether what you’re wearing goes with your professional environment.

Sure, fun things like casual Friday can also be a way to let your hair down and don a chic pair of flats instead of ski high heels, but it also means you can’t just waltz on into a meeting with your boss wearing trackies and a jumper you may have probably slept in the night before.

You need to set boundaries and you also need to know what works and what doesn’t in your place of work too. Often you can gage what is appropriate by checking out the ensembles of some of the people you work with; but we also thought it might help to put together a small list of items to remind you of clothing you should probably never wear in a work environment – with a few exceptions to the rule of course.


Unless you work at the beach, as a lifeguard or somewhere near a pool then thongs (of the feet variety) are always a no. So we know they’re comfy as hell but save them for the weekend instead. A polished pointed flat is much more classic (and classy).

Cut off – anything

Yes, even if you’ve been blessed with the pins of Daisy Duke. Cut off anything is not professional at all. Save your frayed denim for long summer days, holidays and every other moment when you’re away from work. If you do want to wear denim, stick to more structured, sharp pieces without rips.

Sheer clothing

When you’re at your office you want people to be talking about your work, not your boobs. So sadly, our Carrie Bradshaw black bra under white top attempts need to stop. Or at least be saved for some other off-duty situation. Nobody should really ever see your bra. And you know how sometimes we might think our top could be on the cusp of being sheer, although we’re not too sure? Then throw a singlet on top. Better safe than sorry. The workplace is not a place to test these boundaries! Also; sheer pants? Never. Although really, who owns any?

Any type of leggings

Unless you’re a yoga teacher or fitness instructor maybe rocking up to your 3pm meeting in your favourite Lulu’s shouldn’t be your outfit of choice. Sure, your leggings might be comfortable and they could have even cost more than a pair of jeans, but they’re a no, no. Rush home and pop them on as soon as you clock out instead.


Hoodies are way too comfy and also way too unprofessional to ever be worn to your office. Plus, if you’d like to gain a little respect from your work colleagues, or really be taken seriously it’s so important you dress the part. So do any of your bosses wear hoodies? Well, maybe out of hours, but from 9-5 the answer is normally no.

Stockings with runs/holes + skirts that are too short

Stockings are a must as the weather turns cold, but always ensure they're not filled with runs or holes. If you do happen to pull a ladder in your stocking it always pays to have a spare set in your desk drawer. And while we're at it, make sure your skirts hem isn't too short. Chances are there'll be times throughout the day when you'll be bending over to grab stuff and your work colleagues prob. don't need to see that, right?!

Images: Pinterest; Who What Wear; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what else would you never wear to work?


Kelly :

Exposing any of your underwear is also a huge NO!

Jul 03, 2016

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