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Which Sunnies Suit Which Face Shape?

You know how a pair of sunnies can look killer on your girlfriend although when you try them on they just um… don’t look as killer on you? It’s unfair really, however when it comes to pulling off a chic pair, firstly determining your face shape and even size is important in your quest to find the perfect ones for you. 

You see, not only will doing this save you a heap of money in the long run, but it will also help you shop online to find a pair of sunnies that will actually look good on you – without having to send anything back.

So before you go shopping for a hot new pair this season, we say first you should determine your face shape and then go on your quest to find a stylish shape for the season ahead.

And if you’re still after a little bit of extra help we’ve popped together a handy cheat sheet for you below. 


If you’re face is round you will be unable to see any defined angles. Hence why the perfect pair of sunnies will be sharp, angular frames that would complement and contrast the softness in your face. Emphasizing angular lines will also help make your face appear thinner, sharper and even elongate your features. Rectangle and even square frames will be your BFF’s as will high temple and even cat eye styles.



Heart shaped faces are those with wide temples or high set cheekbones and narrow chins. Frames with details on the bottom or wide lower edges will help balance a heart shaped face and draw attention downward and even elongate your face. Some aviator styles will work as will glasses with rounder edges.



Square faces have well defined jawlines and are usually the same length and width across the face. The best sunnies for this face shape would include round or oval shaped frames that help balance any sharpness of the faces’ features. Soft circle frames would work, anything with a 60’s era feel, as well as any style that features circle like curves.



If you’re an oval face then you’re in luck, because pretty much anything will compliment your face shape. Your face was literally made for sunnies so go crazy with colour, bold silhouettes and don’t be afraid to amp things up a notch – because not everybody can! 

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what is your favourite sunglasses style?

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